[fpc-pascal]TCP client required... List still active??

Lukas Gebauer gebylist at mlp.cz
Mon Oct 6 09:49:30 CEST 2003

Take a look to my Synapse...  ;-)

> I am trying to write a simple tcp/ip client but can not find anything
> in the 'net (using Google anyway). I did find a server code in the fpc
> archives but no clients. (This could be a good demo, perhaps with code
> that would set text revived from one ip address to the others like a
> simple talker room.)
> The client will connect to the server and retreive values (similar to
> snmp) and act upon them ie modifying other values or performing action
> via USB(ignore the USB aspect for the purpose of discussion.)

Lukas Gebauer.

E-mail: gebauerl at mlp.cz
http://www.ararat.cz/synapse/ - Ararat Synapse - TCP/IP Lib.

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