[fpc-pascal]class methods in FPC version 1.9.0

Dean Zobec dezobec at tin.it
Fri Nov 14 13:50:23 CET 2003

> The typecast is incorrect. It should be
> Result:=(AssignPipe(..)<>-1);
Thank you.
> I'll fix this later this morning, thanks for reporting.
It's a pleasure :-) Thank you for the fix.

>Delphi port of JUnit called DUnit, but I doubt it will work,
> it meddles too much with the internals of objects.
I've used it for a year or so, the Juanco's DUnit 
http://dunit.sourceforge.net/ it's good but maybe too complicated and differs 
from the JUnit framework in some important parts to leverage the potential of 
Delphi against Java. I'm not quite sure of the real benefits. I think it 
misses the good idea of Assert class methods that makes it easy to use Mock 
Another more recent version is xUnit4Delphi, written more closely to the 
original design. And finally a visual testing suite written by a friend of 
mine, Mike Johnson http://www.bigattichouse.com/qtest.php, but I'm much more 
oriented towards a console testing framework.
I'll try to study all of the designs more closely.
Ciao, Dean

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