[fpc-pascal]class methods in FPC version 1.9.0

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Fri Nov 14 09:59:53 CET 2003

> > See also http://www.stack.nl/~marcov/buildfaq.pdf for some pointers about
> > building the FPC cvs.
> Thank you for the tutorial, it helped me a lot. It was exciting to see the 
>   ;

(unit Unix is something that I'm working on atm)
> I did a simple typecast:
> Result := Boolean(AssignPipe (Inhandle,OutHandle));
> and all went well in the next "make all"

> Hope I didn't broke something else with this typecast.

The typecast is incorrect. It should be

I'll fix this later this morning, thanks for reporting. 

> Thank you again for all the help. Hope to be able to make up some day with a 
> humble contribution to the project. :-) 
> Btw I was thinking about beginning a port of the JUnit testing framework to 
> Free Pascal, as I'm no longer feeling safe without a unit testing net when 
> programming. Could it be interesting? Or it's been already done?

Jedi has a Delphi port of JUnit called DUnit, but I doubt it will work,
it meddles too much with the internals of objects.

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