[fpc-pascal]FP newbie

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Thu Nov 13 17:48:38 CET 2003

>> As to that, the answer is simple: RTTI for all objects would
>> blow up your executable. RTTI information takes up a *lot* of
>> space in your executable.  It's a burden, and people who don't
>> need it should have the chance not to use it. This is impossible
>> if you force RTTI in TObject.
> I see your point... I think perhaps what I was thinking about
> was RTTI coupled with some kind of smart RTTI linking- I mean,
> all objects would have RTTI info but that info would only be
> included in the EXE for those objects that are "touched" by
> the code.

... or "touched" by data. And that is always the case. There is a
reference from the Class data/vmt to the RTTI. The result is that it'll
then always be included when the Class is used.

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