[fpc-pascal]FP newbie

Demian Lessa demian at knowhow-online.com.br
Thu Nov 13 17:38:50 CET 2003


> As to that, the answer is simple: RTTI for all objects would 
> blow up your executable. RTTI information takes up a *lot* of 
> space in your executable.  It's a burden, and people who don't 
> need it should have the chance not to use it. This is impossible 
> if you force RTTI in TObject.

I see your point... I think perhaps what I was thinking about 
was RTTI coupled with some kind of smart RTTI linking- I mean, 
all objects would have RTTI info but that info would only be 
included in the EXE for those objects that are "touched" by 
the code.

In Delphi, RTTI is mainly used for the streaming of form 
resources. I have used it for other implementations, such 
as object serialization and database persistence of objects.
So, I know that if RTTI was part of all classes I would have
had a much cleaner design of my framework and many more 
classes would be "natively" supported.

> Since TPersistent descends directly from TObject, I don't see 
> the problem. If you need it, descend from TPersistent. If you 
> don't: descend from TObject.

Yeah, you're probably right. I can live with that! ;)



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