[fpc-pascal]FP newbie

vkrish at vkrish.cjb.net vkrish at vkrish.cjb.net
Thu Nov 13 04:57:45 CET 2003


> #D. Is there (planned) support for class templates?
Do we really need templates ? IMO, templates and reference based objects dont go too well.

> #E. Is there (planned) support for wxWindows? I think this
>     is a terrific abstraction layer for GUI. The best is 
>     that it is stable (10+ years), works on many plataforms,
>     and as FP/Lazarus, it is OS. But it still doesn't have 
>     a Pascal port.
wxWindows is a good library/framework indeed. But why do we need a pascal interface to it ? It adds too many layers to the whole system. 
eg: to create a button => pascal-layer->wxWindows->gtk+/motif/win32->window system window.

Do we really need these layers ? (wrapper wrapping a wrapper wrapping a wrapper !!!)

OTOH, what we really need is an emulating toolkit atop the native window system (a la FLTK).


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