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Thu Nov 13 04:41:22 CET 2003

> Hi,
> I'm a FP newbie but a long-time Delphi and Pascal developer. I'm curious 
> about several things regarding the current state of FP as well as its 
> future. Since I'm considering the use of FP in classroom for my students 
> and also for commercial development, I hope some of you could help me 
> clear some things in my mind.
> #1. Is there a white paper on the features the FP compiler supports and 
> the features it doesn't support when compared to the Delphi compiler? I 
> know I can dig this info on the manuals but I was hoping to find a 
> feature matrix indication the major diferences and similarities between 
> the FP and Delphi compilers.
> #2. Does the exception handling architecture provide easy to the call 
> stack and other potentially useful information about the exception?
> #3. Is there (planned) support for object serialization?
> #4. Is there (planned) support for object persistent (like J2EE 
> container based persistence)?
> #5. Is there (planned) support for garbage collection on objects and/or 
> pointers?
> I think that will do for now. Thanks,
FP Team, I think we really need a document outlining the feature matrix
of the compiler(s).

If someone sends me the correct list, i'll LaTeXify it. anybody ?


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