[fpc-pascal]cross compiler potential ?

Harald Houppermans houppermans at home.nl
Sun Jun 29 03:09:54 CEST 2003

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Subject: Re: [fpc-pascal]cross compiler potential ?

> Harald Houppermans wrote:
> >>then compile for linux with:
> >>fpc -TLINUX -Anasmelf filename.pas
> >>
> >>
> >
> >Are these parameters based on the NASM idea ?
> >
> >
> yes
> >What are the right parameters based on the binutils ?
> >
> the same, just without the -Anasmelf
> fpc -TLINUX filename.pas
> >( Let s try binutils method first... before I get really confused :) )
> >
> ok.
> 1. install fpc for win32 in c:\pp
> 2. make sure that as.exe and ld.exe for linux target are in your path,
> and there are no other as and ld! the assembler and linker for win32,
> that comes with fpc are called asw.exe and ldw.exe (they should be in
> c:\pp\bin\win32) so they won't interfere. however the ones that come
> with cygwin and mingw will, so remove them from your path.
> 3. download binary.tar and extract it. inside there are several .tar.gz
> files, extract them somewhere, then copy everything from
> lib/fpc/1.0.x/units/linux/* to c:\pp\units\linux
> that's all (I think)

Ok thx... I got the linux units via mirc... someone with linux already had
free pascasl 1.0.6 installed :)

So I have all this stuff now...

Someone else said to compile the linux rtl... that might not be needed now

Suppose I did have to compile the rtl...

I am guessing I would have to go to:


and then type the FPC stuff..

or isn't that the RTL ?

Anyway... I have problems now with as-new.exe  ( the binutils stuff )

It says:

'The procedure entry point asprintf could not be located in the dynamic link
library cygwin1.dll"

So I am ready to try that NASM stuff now :)

Going to look into it :D

I am also going to give mingw another try in case in previous attempts I
used the wrong make also.. but I dont think so...
I think mingw for some reason used the right make... but I go see :) right
now :)

Yep... msys always used the right make.

$ which make

Probably the way msys is started.

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