[fpc-pascal]cross compiler potential ?

Nikolay Nikolov nickysn1983 at netscape.net
Sun Jun 29 02:33:46 CEST 2003

Harald Houppermans wrote:

>>then compile for linux with:
>>fpc -TLINUX -Anasmelf filename.pas
>Are these parameters based on the NASM idea ?

>What are the right parameters based on the binutils ? 
the same, just without the -Anasmelf
fpc -TLINUX filename.pas

>( Let s try binutils method first... before I get really confused :) )
1. install fpc for win32 in c:\pp
2. make sure that as.exe and ld.exe for linux target are in your path, 
and there are no other as and ld! the assembler and linker for win32, 
that comes with fpc are called asw.exe and ldw.exe (they should be in 
c:\pp\bin\win32) so they won't interfere. however the ones that come 
with cygwin and mingw will, so remove them from your path.
3. download binary.tar and extract it. inside there are several .tar.gz 
files, extract them somewhere, then copy everything from 
lib/fpc/1.0.x/units/linux/* to c:\pp\units\linux
that's all (I think)

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