[fpc-pascal]GetMem crazy problem

Eduardo Morras nec556 at ave128.retena.es
Tue Jun 10 20:22:25 CEST 2003

         I've got a weird problem with getmem. I have check everything (i 
think) but i can't get it work. Heaptrc says it's all ok, but when i 
de-comment the next three lines ( the freemem also ),  all fails


      if (sDicc<>nil) AND (nDicc<>nil) AND (ppmv<>nil) then
         writeln('MAS MEMORIA PARA VECTORMOTION') // Chequeo de memoria 
        {More Memory for VECTORMOTION //NITIAL memory check}
      else begin

The sizes are 14,8,14, MemAvail says near 48Mb and MaxAvail 47'5. I 
tried  to put them in the program vars (they are in a function), change the 
sizeof (which print on screen 14,8,14) to it's values re-type for a 
misspelling error. Their declartions at var are

nDicc,sDicc       : prtBusqBidimen;  // p= point r= record t= type BusqDimen
ppmv                 : prtMotionVector;  // id. MotionVector

When skip the if (sDicc<>nil)... a runtime error 201 appears

what's the next step??

Any clues??


Las personas se dividen en tres grupos, los que saben contar y los que no.
      There are three groups of people, who can count, and who cannot.

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