[fpc-pascal]Synapse for FPC

Lukas Gebauer gebylist at mlp.cz
Tue Jul 22 13:49:23 CEST 2003

> I looked at the unit (mainly the synsock unit), and I see a Delphi project
> patched for Kylix, which is patched for FPC/Linux.

In all library is very small 'IFDEFs' except synsock.pas. However lot of
'IFDEFS' is only for FPC incompatbility with Borlands compilers!

Current Synapse is not final state of my developing! This is not firts
version and this is not last version. You not need learn me to
programming. ;-) First I create working version and then I do
optimalisations. For example, I plan rewrite synasock.pas to unit with
common thinks and with two include files.. one for Win32 thinks and
second for linux thinks. I rewrite dynamic loading stuffs (where is lot
of incompatibilities in FPC) into form used in synassl.pas. Etc.

> - Try to get as many of these structures etc from generic units as Linux/Unix
>       sockets etc.

this is step back in features of Synapse. In old times it is used by this
way. However now Synapse can use ANY socket library by dynamic loading.
For example, you create your own socket library and synapse can call them
instead Libc!

Lukas Gebauer.

E-mail: gebauerl at mlp.cz
WEB: http://www.ararat.cz/synapse - Synapse Delphi and Kylix TCP/IP

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