Internal error 8888 (was Re: [fpc-pascal]Strange Segfault...)

Jonas Maebe jonas at
Mon Jul 14 20:45:49 CEST 2003

On maandag, jul 14, 2003, at 20:31 Europe/Brussels, Alan Mead wrote:

> If there is, I cannot find it. {$H} does nothing and I re-read the
> portion of the docs that deal with the sting types again and I don't
> see what I'm doing wrong.

There is a difference between longstrings and ansistrings. Ansistrings 
are fully supported, but longstrings (which is what you are using) 
aren't. To use ansistrings, either use {$h+} and declare your variable 
as "string" (i.e., without [lenght]), or use "ansistring" as type.


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