[fpc-pascal]FPC Debugging (with SQLite)

Olivier Coursière olivier.coursiere at laposte.net
Fri Jul 11 01:54:45 CEST 2003

Hi all !
> > How so ?
> James, he did *not* port this app to BeOS, some one else did. He 
> wrote a
> Pascal interface to the version that that developer had ported to 
> BeOS
> (you're following me right ;-). He therefore had no option but to use 
> the
> version ported under BeOS, unless he ported a newer version himself, 
> right?
> So therefore, he was only able to do the interface as per the version
> available to him. Therefore my comment. Do you understand? No 
> trickery
> involved.
> Looking at the BeBits page, (http://www.bebits.com/app/3156),  2.7.1 
> was the
> last port made (circa November 2002).

Under BeOS, the port is really easy : sqlite compile nearly out of the 
box from official sqlite sources. I have succesfully compiled sqlite 
2.8.3 two or three weeks ago (during the last thread about sqlite in 
this list). Only one change was needed. I had only change 
sqliteOsSleep's implementation to use snooze instead of usleep, not 
available in Be's headers.

In fact, Eric's version is a quick port of TSQLIte component (available 
at http://www.torry.net/db_directsql.htm) from Delphi and Windows to 
FPC and BeOS (mainly removing Windows only functions and dynamic 
loading). That is why his unit works under Linux. Maybe Delphi users 
and FPC users under Windows should use TSQLite component directly.

Now, there is also a DBExpress driver available for Delphi users (and 
maybe kylix's one with some work ?).
> > It's been fixed there was no problem with his unit other than
> > the fact that, with the current version of SQLite the cMem unit was
> > needed in order because of the way SQLite uses memory.
> Cool. Let him know ;-)
Under BeOS, this unit is not necessary as far as i know (but not well 
tested, only trivials samples). If someone have some code that show 
this problem (and the improved wrapper), i can test them under BeOS.



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