[fpc-pascal]Linux RedHat v.8.0, fpc and mysqlclient: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lmysqlclient

arturogr at gorsa.net.mx arturogr at gorsa.net.mx
Tue Jul 1 01:40:44 CEST 2003



> [top-quote somewhat fixed]
>> > If the above thing still fails, simply add
>> >
>> > -Fl/usr/lib/mysql
>> >
>> > to your fpc.cfg as an override to the normal ld configuration.
>          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> Thanks for youy reply... but partially solved the problem...
>> I used "ldconfig", the machine took a little while... then.. I
>> modified the "fp.cfg" (adding a "-Fl/usr/lib/mysql/" line, it wasn't
>> there)... then y tried to compile "testdb.pp" again:
>> 1) From the "FreePascal IDE" It worked fine, It compilled... SOLVED.
>> 2) BUT using "fpc testdb.pp" gets the same error "/usr/bin/ld: cannot
>> find -lmysqlclient": I veryfied thad I have two "fp.cfg" files, one in
>> /root/fp.cfg" and other in "/usr/bin/fp.cfg", but now, both are the
>> same. And still do not compile with "fpc testdb.pp".
>> Any other extra idea ?
> That's because I said "fpc.cfg", usually in /etc originally (the
> commandline compilers file), not "fp.cfg"
> The equivalent with the IDE is not hand-editing fp.cfg, but adding the
> directory to "linker directories" or something like that in
> options->directories.

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