[fpc-pascal]Where is the "Turbo Vision" for FreePascal ?

arturogr at gorsa.net.mx arturogr at gorsa.net.mx
Tue Jul 1 00:24:46 CEST 2003

I spent a few time looking for a FreePascal TurboVision software,...

I got some files from the net called: "fv"(fv,drivers,fv-ldb,objects) or
... but I give-up, I have no idea of HOW or WHERE to start using them... I
want to use them in MS-Windows and in Linux RH platform.
Any god documentation ? o a better software for that ?

My goal is to do a program using text mode of Linux that looks the same as
in MS-Windows platform. I won't expect to experiment with "graph unit" by

Arturo G. Rivera.

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