[fpc-pascal]FPC vs. GPC (was:FPC 1.0.6 and open arrays)

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Tue Jan 28 18:02:56 CET 2003

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> > I suppose you have to pay that FPC is a Pascal->BIN compiler, whereas  GPC
> > is a Pascal->C compiler...
> > (also explaining why FPC supports less platforms, because the GCC guys  are
> > doing the job ;-))
> I'm quite sure that GPC is *not* a Pascal->C compiler, however it does use the
> GCC-backend to some extend, but this is - as I see it - an advantage compared
> to FPC.

In the simplest way it is (you don't have to program the backend). But life isn't about
theory only regrettably.

The practical problems of being a GCC patch, is that it makes the overall
system more complex. (as can seen by e.g. the complex buildsystem and
instability and slow progress of GPC), and that the maintenance has to
happen in a different language (C) than you are developping for (Pascal),
which limits the amount of possible contributors.
> Can FPC and GCC object files be linked together?

Yes, that is not the problem. There is still a problem though, specially on
Unix. FPC can't directly use C headers.

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