[fpc-pascal]Graphics woes

Michael Van Canneyt michael.vancanneyt at wisa.be
Mon Jan 27 14:19:56 CET 2003

On Sat, 25 Jan 2003, John Coppens wrote:

> Hi all...
> I've been needing quick & dirty graphing capability, and I'm missing the
> old graph library. I know - I have the graph lib working, but the frequent
> swaps in and out of X11 are not really very comfortable.
> As is, I have not found any elegant solution to the problem. I'm that
> needy I am considering implementing some kind of graph lib that actually
> opens a new window under X11 and uses that window to plot - still
> maintaining compatibility with the ol' graph lib. Maybe in some kind of
> client/server relation. It would be nice to have the text window still
> active... Does something like this exist? Sound interesting?

This exists. Try the ggigraph unit. It is a graph unit that uses GGI to
do the actual drawing. It will open an x-window under X11, but will work
with svgalib when on the console. Maybe also the framebuffer, I don't
know that.


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