[fpc-pascal]SetUid; PARANOIA

Anton Tichawa anton.tichawa at chello.at
Fri Jan 24 17:06:09 CET 2003

hello, csaba!

here you are:

// ...
// ...
function SetUID(UID: Longint): Longint;
  Regs: SysCallRegs;
  Regs.Reg2 := UID;
  SetUID := SysCall(SysCall_nr_getuid, Regs);

written by me some months ago.

a question to the fpc development team: i'm slowly getting paranoid, because 
access to hw, i/o and system seems to vanish as the years pass. what is the 
exact reason that setuid has not been implemented or wrapped in fpc?


On Friday 24 January 2003 14:36, Balázs Csaba wrote:
> Hello masters!
> I am new on maillist. I have got a question. A cannot find function called
> setuid() like in c++. In the source of compiler/units a have found a
> section where the linux like function declared. There is a contant called
> "syscall_nr_setuid", but it is NOT used in any function. A can declare a
> setuid function but i do not know which registers are user int this
> function.
> How can I switch to a low-level user (not root) after a fork()
> Can somebody help me?
> Regards!
> Balázs Csaba
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