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> 3 generate n programs & compile them, o/p any compile errors
> 4 run tests (eg those in the cvs ??? or the ones in the program we are

> Sounds as if 3 & 4 are the difficult bits...

But I actually do step 3 on my PC, under linux. I tried the same before under 
a popular operating system, but though working several hours, I did not 
manage to start one application from within another one. There was a function 
that worked, but it was called "deprecated" or so.

Step 3 would be to generate pascal sources. This generation has it's root in 
the definition of the Pascal Language and would check every feature to a 
certain degree, using "equivalence classes".

Step 3 includes checking if the compiler produces errors where it should 
produce an error, and if it compiles where it should compile. The actual 
output would be a bug list.

Only those cases where Step 3 is bug-free, would then be executed ..


"Adas Methode war, wie sich zeigen wird, Tagträume in offenbar korrekte 
Berechnungen einzuweben."

Doris Langley Moore: Ada, Countess of Lovelace (London 1977).


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