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ok, so for the appropriate o/s we 

1 just scan the local disks for eg the ppc386.exes, fp.exes, ppc.cfgs,
base*,zips, ide*.zips or whatever are appropriate for the o/s & o/p to
screen what versions etc the user has on the system  
2 then look in ppc.cfg & check whether the references there eg to paths &
files are valid  
3 generate n programs & compile them, o/p any compile errors  
4 run tests (eg those in the cvs ??? or the ones in the program we are
discussing? or both) & o/p results/errors 
5 if tests are in loop stop the pograms & o/p error message
until (timeout or ctrl/c or ???);  

Sounds as if 3 & 4 are the difficult bits...   

Regards John

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Hello, John!

> can also contribute eg a (non OO) FP test unit? if you like. Any ideas
> about how to define the 'features' to be tested? Regards John

procedure define;
  lock;  // (?)

well, my first contribution to a brainstorming of features to be tested is -

* DETERMINE SYSTEM STATUS ..: the test program should determine and evaluate

the status of installed compilers / ides on the given system, without write 
operations e. g. to the mass storage media. things such as missing, 
misplaced, misspelled, .., or ambiguos configuration, e. g. in the file 
fpc.cfg, should be mentioned on the screen. upon user intervention - and
timeout is a user intervention - the status should be first saved and then
overloaded with a new one that seems appropriate to both user and tester.
that's not really important at the moment. the important thing is that the 
saved stati - those that didn't seem appropriate at the moment - are the
valuable thing of free pascal from a certain point of view. this is the 
output of the tester program, the bug list, and will help answer any
that may come in the future. i'm talking about, well, excuse my poor english

here, fehler (d) = errrors (e) (?), because in every such "thing" is one bit

of truth that will surely be reconsidered as free pascal development 
continues. no bug must be lost, or so .. uh.

anton tichawa.


"Adas Methode war, wie sich zeigen wird, Tagträume in offenbar korrekte 
Berechnungen einzuweben."

Doris Langley Moore: Ada, Countess of Lovelace (London 1977).


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