[fpc-pascal]possibly weird request unix mbox windows and html oh my!

Will Blaylock willjunk at digital-magick.com
Fri Dec 12 23:53:35 CET 2003

Ok, so I have a client who has thrown me a curve ball that I really dont have
time for, alas loosing this client would put me in bad shape...

I need to write or locate a program which will translate/convert/etc. a file
from a single unix mbox formatted email archive to a a group of html files of
the form 
index.html { a file which points to the following 3 files }
thread.html { sorted by subject/thread index to the xxxxxx.html files }
author.html { sorted by author... }
date.html { sort by date... }
xxxxxx.html { each seperate message }

I would alternatly take three seperate HUGE files with the local jumps.

Is there anything out there as source which would rip through an mbox file and
complete this task?  any thing that will do part of this task?  should I just
bring my cot and pillow to work?

Thanks for ideas, solutions, comments, and comfortable cots <Grin>

Will Blaylock
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