[fpc-pascal] profiller

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Fri Dec 12 01:10:53 CET 2003

> >> | Copyright (c) 1993-2003 by Florian Klaempfl
> >> | d:\pascal\pp\bin\win32\ldw.exe: cannot find -lgcc
> >> | sinfo.pas(169,1) Error: Error while linking
> >> `-----------------------
> >> What I do make not so?
> PV> You need libgcc.a and libc.a from mingw. Windows itself does not provide
> PV> any profiling support.
> For me is MinGW v3.0.0 but in him is only libgcc.a, but even if i find
> libc.a that where them to copy in directory of the project, in the
> directory fpc, or in %PATH% ???

Pass -Fl/that/directory to fpc.

> Also that means: ldw.exe: cannot find -lgcc ???

The linker got as parameter -lgcc, which means "link with library gcc".

Libraries are commonly prefixed with "lib", and static libraries end in .a
-> libgcc.a

The library libgcc itself is the deepest level of a C language runtime. It
handles things like 64-bit numbers etc.

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