[fpc-pascal]what Programming Environment : Editor & Debugger

Holger Peters digitalvertex at gmx.net
Thu Aug 7 18:55:43 CEST 2003

Stefan Becker schrieb:

>dear Pascal'ers,
>I've just searched the net and freepascal.org in the hope of finding some
>info on what and how to set up a working environment with linux.
>So far I've done all my editing and debuging on a DOS machine with
>Borland 7.0 - and "just" recompiling my applications with freepascal
>for linux. 
>I want to go to a pure linux environment - so now the question.....
>What editor or program should I use and work my way into?
>It would be nice to have a debugger also.  Is there any
>"finished" packages that I could use?
>The FreePascal website talks about a "fp IDE" and I remember
>seeing it for DOS.  Does this exist for linux?  
>many thanks,
>Stefan Becker

I use vim for editing files, because it is very fast, and you don't need 
to change between mouse and keyboard.

But I have to warn you, when you only worked with intuitive systems, it 
is a bit work to get familiar with it.

Gdb is a console-based debugger.


(If you've got troubles with vim, mail me)

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