AW: [fpc-pascal]strange error

ZINTEL Gerhard gzintel at
Tue Apr 15 11:08:35 CEST 2003

Hi Vit,

I don't know Delphi but in the old days of Turbo Pascal you were not allowed
to use a type declaration inside a function list.

> this is what I get during compile (porting some Delphi code):
> Error: call by var parameters have to match exactly: Got "Array Of
> TVertex3D" expected "Array Of TVertex3D"
> this is the function declaration:
> procedure TranslateArr(xc,yc,zc:single;var Src,Dst:array of
> TVertex3D;count:int);

So maybe the following piece of code would help you:

  ArrayOfTV3D = array of TVertex3D;
procedure TranslateArr(xc,yc,zc:single;var Src,Dst:ArrayOfTV3D ;count:int);


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