A.J. Venter ddt at headrush.co.za
Tue Sep 17 14:25:35 CEST 2002

On Tue, 17 Sep 2002, Jonas Maebe wrote:
> Have you tried compiling it with -ghl already?
> Jonas
I have now :-)
(That option is not in the manpage nor have I ever found it in the docs - 
wish I knew about it before)

Here is the output:
General protection fault.
No heap dump by heaptrc unit
Exitcode = 216
Runtime error 216 at 0x0804B8B4
  0x0804B8B4  CHARACTERS__SETIMAGE,  line 212 of levelobj.pas
  0x0804B913  CHARACTERS__SETSTATUS,  line 221 of levelobj.pas
  0x0804BBF0  CHARACTERS__DRAW,  line 283 of levelobj.pas
  0x0804B68C  LEVELS__DRAW,  line 148 of levelobj.pas
  0x0804C372  LEVELS__INIT,  line 447 of levelobj.pas
  0x0805BD82  MAINLOOP,  line 157 of minerunner.pas
  0x0805BFFE  main,  line 224 of minerunner.pas

So how exactly does one read it ?
It would appear from this that characters.setImage crashed - could it be 
SDL crashes if the same bitmap file is loaded too often ? Or perhaps there 
something else that goes wrong when I do this.

What I will do next is to recode it so that setStatus merely changes a 
with the path to the correct image, and then use SDL_BlitSurface with 
SDL_LoadBMP as a parameter (e.g. only load on demand) but this could
severly slow down the program so it is not really a final solution, and 
when the enemy bitmaps are
finished, surely I must be able to use the same file for all of them ?

The bitmaps are structured like this:
For each direction of movement, one bitmap containing six frames of 
next to each other.

A sepperate function determines the frame number to play, and then adjust 
SDL_Rect to only blit the part
of the image containing the current frame.

Any ideas ?

PS. I will look into FPAsync, thanks Sebastian.

A.J. Venter

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