[fpc-pascal]graph app.

Mr. Ivan Baev sirib at gmx.net
Mon Sep 9 15:59:20 CEST 2002

Dear Marco,

actually, I had this idea; but I didn't found any kind of documentation.
So, I have no idea how to cotrol options like event.buttons or event.x,
etc. in the winmouse unit.
The reason for this, is that the compiler does not understand the
following declaration:
>event:tmouseevent; (He doesn't find the type tmouseevent)
you see, I think there is another kind of control(or declaration) if you
use the winmouse unit... .
And, I don't have any documentation on winmouse (or I don't know where
it is...);
Please, can you tell me where to find?

sirib at gmx.net

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