[fpc-pascal]When to use pointers with win32

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Tue Nov 26 22:51:34 CET 2002

> At 15:40 26-11-02 GMT, you wrote:
>>> ....
>>> So I still ask for how to find information about the Pascal definitions
>>> in
>>> the windows unit.
>>Delphi's definition is:
>>function CreateThread(lpThreadAttributes: Pointer;
>>  dwStackSize: DWORD; lpStartAddress: TFNThreadStartRoutine;
>>  lpParameter: Pointer; dwCreationFlags: DWORD; var lpThreadId: DWORD):
>>THandle; stdcall;
>>DWORD = Cardinal for our purposes (longword is more correct I guess.)
>>This tells me that for compatibilitys sake, and Pascal readability (i.e.
>> no
>>pointers) is the version I would like to have to use (and do.)
> OK, this is in agreement with what I found out by trial and error. My main
> interest right now is to achieve this kind of information about all the
> function in the windows unit (and the mmsystem unit) (because trial and
> error is a slow proces). Of course it is a part of the documentation for
> the Delphi system, but I haven't got the Delphi.
> Are these definitions available for free? Where?

They are freely available in the sources of the windows unit :-)  There is
no helpfile or whatever available. It's way too much work to create such a
helpfile/reference manual

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