[fpc-pascal]When to use pointers with win32

Hans MÃ¥rtensson hm at os.dk
Tue Nov 26 21:28:36 CET 2002

At 15:40 26-11-02 GMT, you wrote:
>> ....
>> So I still ask for how to find information about the Pascal definitions in
>> the windows unit.
>Delphi's definition is:
>function CreateThread(lpThreadAttributes: Pointer;
>  dwStackSize: DWORD; lpStartAddress: TFNThreadStartRoutine;
>  lpParameter: Pointer; dwCreationFlags: DWORD; var lpThreadId: DWORD): 
>THandle; stdcall;
>DWORD = Cardinal for our purposes (longword is more correct I guess.)
>This tells me that for compatibilitys sake, and Pascal readability (i.e. no 
>pointers) is the version I would like to have to use (and do.)

OK, this is in agreement with what I found out by trial and error. My main
interest right now is to achieve this kind of information about all the
function in the windows unit (and the mmsystem unit) (because trial and
error is a slow proces). Of course it is a part of the documentation for
the Delphi system, but I haven't got the Delphi.
Are these definitions available for free? Where?

med venlig hilsen
Hans MÃ¥rtensson

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