[fpc-pascal]OpenGL, SDL, GGI, or SVGALib ?

James Mills prologic at comcen.com.au
Wed Nov 20 13:55:31 CET 2002

On Wed, Nov 20, 2002 at 10:44:18AM +0000, memsom at interalpha.co.uk wrote:
> Open GL is a 3D library. Unless you are going to do it in 3D, it would be 
> overkill.
> SDL is well respected, has a lot of support and a lot of games developed under 
> it - admittedly in C/C++, but that shouldn't rule it out. Even pro outfits use 
> SDL on the linux platform (or so I've been lead to believe.)
> GGI - I looked at this, I decided it was more or less like Allegro (one you've 
> not mentioned.) Is there a FPC wrapper/interface to it? I would have mentioned 
> Allegro otherwise.
> SVGA - kind of ties you to a terminal doesn't it? 
> >From my perspective, SDL or Allegro are the better. I've used both, and found 
> both to be extremely capable. I would err on the side of SDL, simply because 
> there are many, many examples out there, and people have used it to write 
> everything from Doom ports to full Emulators (SimCoupe come to mind for the 
> british amoungst us.)
> There you go, informed opinion ;-)
> Matt

Thank you very much. I think you've made up my mind. SDL seems the best
way to go. Now to fix up my SDL-dev library on my box. Stupid thing
ain't installed properly. blah ;)


> > In game development under linux, what's the best graphics library to use
> > (say in a space invaders type game) ? I'm only starting, and need to
> > start small...
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