[fpc-pascal]Graph for Windows

Milos Pejovic pejovic at drenik.net
Thu May 30 14:27:49 CEST 2002

Hi all,

> Odd, since here it really detaches from the console, just like e.g.
> (Win98SE and Win2000)

I use Windows ME, but in fpctris source there is:

{$ifdef UseGraphics}
 {$ifdef Win32}
   {$define Win32Graph}

So it doesn't detach from console, if it is meant to be a windows graph

> > On closing of the main window fpctris doesn't quit also.
> If I press ESC in the main screen, everything is gone.

I see that I will have to be more persuasive :-)

Writing a console app under Windows is Ok, as it is to write a gui app, but
I think that writing a gui app that detaches from console brakes some
conventions. It is okay under Linux, but mixing it under Windows will
confuse the users, who are not used to this.

First of all, 90% of the Windows users will try to hit the 'X' to close the
app, and then what? Should we write in console: 'Close this window too'?
I know you could just hit ESC, but we should prevent the users from doing
something stupid. As I recall, the GGI demo under Linux could not be closed
with the click on the window close button.

The fact is that the end users will expect their M$Win program to behave
like one, no matter it was originally developed under Turbo Pascal for Dos.
And that includes at least: the closing 'on X', different window icon for
each app, and no other windows except the main one. This also goes for
other fpc targets, like BeOS.

We have to be people-centric, when writing apps, since we (mostly) do not
develop for each other. I could be perfectly happy with the Linux with bash,
fpc, gcc and svgalib only, but there are many folks, that are really not
familiar with computers, so we should help them use the 'mean machine' by
developing user friendly apps using our favourite Pascal compiler, under all
CPUs and OSes. And the world will be a better place ;-)

Anyway, keep up the good work the fpc team!


P.S. I tried to compile the latest 'graph' unit from the cvs, with some
minor changes I made, but I get the following 3 errors, among many notes
and warnings:

509 / 29 modes.inc
 Error: Unknown record field identifier SETALLPALETTE
510 / 23 modes.inc
 Error: Wrong amount of parameters specified
510 / 36 modes.inc
 Error: Unknown record field identifier SETALLPALETTE

What did I do wrong?

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