[fpc-pascal]Graph for Windows

Rich Pasco pasco at acm.org
Thu May 30 03:11:44 CEST 2002

In response to my query,

> Can I accept keyboard input while the graph window has the focus?

Andreas K. Foerster wrote,

> Try to use WinCRT instead of CRT.

Thank you, Andreas, that worked perfectly.

New question: Other than asking here, how would I have known that
from the documentation?  In the manuals that came with 1.0.6, file
units.pdf does not mention WinCRT at all.  The only mention I could
find was in user.pdf where section 9.3 says,

  wincrt  This implements a console in a standard GUI window, contrary
          to the crt unit which is for the Windows console only.

I don't understand what this means.  The following program:

  uses WinCRT;
    WriteLn('Hello world!");

compiled for Win32, behaves identically to its counterpart with
"uses CRT" instead, when launched from a shell command prompt.

So what does the comment in units.pdf really mean?  I wonder if, in
the next version, the documentation could expand on it a little bit?

Thanks again,

     - Rich

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