[fpc-pascal]Compiler uses bad English: "amount" vs "number"

Aitor Santamaria Merino aitor.sm at wanadoo.es
Sat May 25 12:42:41 CEST 2002

>>>Especially since the current term fits perfectly.  "Wrong amount of
>>>parameters" is perfectly legal in the English language.
>>I beg to differ, but it is not, since "parameters" is countable, the
>>correct word is "number", not "amount."
> I've changed the message file accordingly in the main branch.
> Just out of curiosity:
> I don't want to argue - I'm not an native english speaker - but what do you
> do with 'A huge amount of money' - something which I hear often on US
> TV shows ? Money is countable, so shouldn't it be 'number' then ?

I am not English native speacker either, but "money" is uncountable, 
whereas "coin" is countable, just the same as "milk" is uncountable, but 
"litres of milk" are countable...


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