[fpc-pascal]About FCL

Aitor Santamaria Merino aitor.sm at wanadoo.es
Thu May 23 19:11:25 CEST 2002


Sorry, some basic questions of FCL (hopefully short!):

- where is it documented? (which manual?) I can't find it...
- which unit do I have to include? (both OBJECTS and CLASSES seem to 
work!) (I am interested in classes, not objects)
- how can I know which objects have been implemented? I have a file 
(taken from somewhere, can't remember) called FreePascal Object Chart 
(classchart.gif), which of these are implemented?  (please, do let me 
know if it has been updated...)

I'd like to use the most generic units, those independent of platform (I 
guess TObject and some others...).


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