[fpc-pascal]Game Programming in FPC

Joseph Hewitt pyrrho12 at hotmail.com
Fri May 10 19:46:27 CEST 2002

Hi. My name is Joseph Hewitt, and I use Free Pascal for the RPGs I've been 
developing. Is anyone else working on games using FPC?

GearHead is a roguelike mecha game. What do I mean by that? Well, it's a
computer role-playing game in which you can have lots of dangerous
adventures in a semi-randomly generated world. You also get to pilot giant
robots. Think of it as MechFight plus Moria, with liberal dashes of Fallout,
Bubblegum Crisis, and ADOM added for flavor.

- Over 30 mecha designs + variants
- Players are free to create their own mecha
- Campaign world with five towns, three dungeons, and four arenas
- Can be played as a tactical game or as a RPG
- Detailed NPC interaction system
- Random maps, characters, and plot events
- All items, locations, and events are stored in external text files
- Written in FreePascal; full source code is avaliable
- It's free :)

- Graphics. The interface currently uses plain ASCII for everything.
    I do plan on offering graphics some time in the future, but at the
    moment I feel that time spent on graphics code could be better spent
    on game mechanics code.
- Mecha Designer. Right now the only way to edit meks is to use a text
    editor. It would be nice to have a GUI designer program some day.
- Multiplayer Support


You can download the DOS binaries and Pascal source code from
my web page at:


If anyone does a compile for Linux, Mac, or Amiga let me know and I'll
stick those versions on the page as well. Bug reports and feature requests
are of course welcome.

                                     - Joseph Hewitt
                                       pyrrho12 at hotmail.com

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