[fpc-pascal]Bug in FExpand (ver. 1.06 for Win32)

Rich Pasco pasco at acm.org
Thu May 9 22:38:36 CEST 2002

Here's a bug in the FExpand procedure in the DOS unit of released
version 1.06 for the Win32 platform:

Calling FExpand with a UNC path "poisons" it so that it fails with
subsequent drive-letter based paths.

Here is my source code for "fexptest.pas":

  uses  DOS;
  procedure Expand(FileMask: string);
      WriteLn('Expanding "',FileMask,'"');
      FileMask := FExpand(FileMask);
      WriteLn('To become "',FileMask,'"');
    Expand('C:\out\music\Rock and Roll');
    Expand('\\pasco\shared\My Music\rock and roll');
    Expand('C:\out\music\Rock and Roll');

Here is the output, when running it with the current directory is
"C:\test".  Note that the first and third trials use the same input,
but that the output is incorrect in the third trial.


  Expanding "C:\out\music\Rock and Roll"
  To become "C:\out\music\Rock and Roll"

  Expanding "\\pasco\shared\My Music\rock and roll"
  To become "\\pasco\shared\My Music\rock and roll"

  Expanding "C:\out\music\Rock and Roll"
  To become "C:\test\ock and Roll"

I hope this helps lead to a rapid resolution.

     - Rich

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