[fpc-pascal]Building Grafix under Win32

Milos Pejovic pejovic at drenik.net
Wed May 8 21:09:31 CEST 2002


> Try compiling it with the -Sd command line switch. In FPC, if you want
> to take the address of a procedure and you want to assign it to a
> procedure variable, you have to use "@procedure_name" instead of just
> "procedure_name" like in TP/Delphi. This check was broken in some places
> in previous versions of FPC however, causing inconsistent behaviour.

This done the trick, even for the Graphix library, although it already had
{$MODE OBJFPC}directive.
It all compiled nicely with the -Sd switch.

I'm keeping it for good in my fpc.cfg :))

Thanks Jonas,


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