[fpc-pascal]Building Grafix under Win32

Jonas Maebe jonas at zeus.rug.ac.be
Wed May 8 12:12:18 CEST 2002

On dinsdag, mei 7, 2002, at 08:43 , Milos Pejovic wrote:

> When it tries to compile the gxdd.pp, after a while I get the 'Out of
> memory' error,
> and my hdd free space gets critically low, although I think that this 
> amount
> of memory
> ought be enough to build the 29kb file...

This sounds like a bug in the compiler indeed. Try using -vl (or even 
-va), then you should see where this memory gobbling happens.

> I also have trouble building the FreeType library - I get 50 errors of 
> this
> kind:
> ttinterp.pas(4395,30) Error: Incompatible types: got "<unknown type>"
> expected "
> <procedure variable type of procedure(PSTORAGE);>"
> I would really appreciate help,

Try compiling it with the -Sd command line switch. In FPC, if you want 
to take the address of a procedure and you want to assign it to a 
procedure variable, you have to use "@procedure_name" instead of just 
"procedure_name" like in TP/Delphi. This check was broken in some places 
in previous versions of FPC however, causing inconsistent behaviour.


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