[fpc-pascal]FPC & c-library

Alan Grimes alangrimes at starpower.net
Mon Mar 4 18:23:06 CET 2002

Alan Grimes wrote:
> > Now I tried to remove this header.
> You shouldn't have to remove any header...
> The compiler should leave the raw object in the source/build
> directory...
> should become something like:
> XYZ.o
> and then be linked into:
> Its the .o file you need...

I should add that the PPC386.exe compiler can output several formats
(pasted from the on-line help)... 

  -A<x>  output format:
           -Aas       assemble using GNU AS
           -Aasaout   assemble using GNU AS for aout (Go32v1)
           -Anasmcoff coff (Go32v2) file using Nasm
           -Anasmelf  elf32 (Linux) file using Nasm
           -Anasmobj  obj file using Nasm
           -Amasm     obj file using Masm (Microsoft)
           -Atasm     obj file using Tasm (Borland)
           -Acoff     coff (Go32v2) using internal writer
           -Apecoff   pecoff (Win32) using internal writer

The watcom compiler will probably have similar options....

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