[fpc-pascal]FPC & c-library

Alan Grimes alangrimes at starpower.net
Mon Mar 4 16:40:04 CET 2002

Peter Beisel wrote:
> but I couldn't find PMODE/W or PMWBIND anywhere.

> 1. DOS4GW & EXE (by WatCom)  <----> CWSDPMI & EXE (by FPC)
> Without such a tool it seems impossible to run a DOS4GW executable
> generated by a WatCom Compiler under CWSDPMI.
> On the other hand an EXE-file generated by FPC can't be executed under
> DOS4GW. DOS4GW doesn't recognise the EXE, because of the CWSDPMI-Header
> added by the stub under FPC. 

CWSDPMI is merely a generic DPMI server, a DOS extender...
I use QDPMI that comes with QEMM97.

There is no CWSDPMI header, rather there is a "Go32v2" header...
This stub checks for the presence of any DPMI and installs CWSDPMI if

> Now I tried to remove this header. 

You shouldn't have to remove any header...
The compiler should leave the raw object in the source/build

should become something like: 
and then be linked into:

Its the .o file you need...

> 2. I found no way to link a WatCom generated *.LIB or *.OBJ to a FPC
> programm. The FP linker doesn't accept them.

Linkers suck. =( 
I hate them.

See what you can do with the watcom linker, or get a linker over the net
and h4x0r it... You'll be doing the world a great service if you do it
right! =)

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positive choice should be committed to the mental hospital for suicidal
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