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MPDJ MPDJ at btinternet.com
Fri Mar 1 12:56:06 CET 2002

I asked this question several months ago, and this list was, as usual, very
helpful with it's replies.
I still have several snippets of that thread, which I've pasted below to
give you a start.

Ralf Quint offered the following information / code :-


> I don't know if it works under GO32, but you can test for Windows with INT
> 2Fh, AX=160Ah.

>var t     : byte;
>     valu  : word;
>   {Inline assembler or macro is necessary to make the multiple
>    because Turbo Pascal only *fakes* INTR procedure -- i.e., t
>    work:           var regs : registers;
>                      ...
>                    regs.ax := $1600;
>                    intr($2F,regs);
>                    valu := regs.al

This comment isn't closed

>   ASM
>     MOV AX, 1600h
>     INT 2Fh
>     MOV valu, AX
>   END;
>   Writeln (lo(valu) );
> end.

> And then the source snippet compiles, and the created program resturns a 4
> here on my Win98 machine.


And from Tomas Hajny:-

> >AFAIK int2F-detect does not work with Windows NT's DOS-emulator. It
> >can be detected by checking the environment strings: OS=Windows_NT.
> >(I have no info how Win2k does this)
WinNT dos box can be detected
> thru INT21h/AX=3306h - NT dos box always
returns 3205h in bx (while
> other OSs never report this version number)...

>  You might have a look at http://www.volweb.cz/xhajt03/dosver.zip, there's
quite a
> comprehensive check for different DOS environments. It's plain 16-bit
assembly, but it should > be enough for learning all the checks.


I personally used Ralfs method successfully. I do not know the result of
executing on WinNT as I don't have a copy available and my software is not
designed to run on NT.

I hope this helps.


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