[fpc-pascal]FindFirst in 1.1 under Win32 does not work correctly

Petr Titera P.Titera at century.cz
Fri Mar 1 11:40:57 CET 2002

I know it is reported bug (I reported it myself :), but does see it 
anybody else? Attached program writes right number of lines, but it 
doesnt write nor filenames nor file sizes. It works correctly under 
1.0.4. I tried to look at RTL sources of both releases, but it seems to 
be same.

Petr Titera

uses Sysutils;

	f : TSearchRec;
	i : LongInt;
	i := FindFirst('*.*', faAnyFile, f);
		writeln('#', f.name, '#', f.size, '#');
	until (FindNext(f) <> 0);

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