Ulrich Floer uli at combie.de
Mon Jun 10 18:36:10 CEST 2002

> > (2) If I want to produce programs in order to use X, I have seen that
> > there's the X-forms. Do we have units to link directly to X libraries?
> Yes, see Xlib.
> > I would like to use something like a Graphics unit (PutPixel, etc.) under
> > X (also avoiding using Lazarus, or in general, avoiding linking code to
> > a windowmanager).
> It is probably possible using xlib, but using GTK or so would definitely be
> easier.
> Don't forget that X uses an event loop, so emulating a Graphics unit is
> not going to be easy.

For an "easy to use" grafic interface, look at:
It runs on M$ + linux + other
with c,c++,pascal,fortran...


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