[fpc-pascal]Beginner's Question : After compile & run, nothing happens

Ray top desktopaaa at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 23 20:24:54 CEST 2002

I am using Bloodshed Dev-Pascal 1.9.2 with Free Pascal Compiler. I followed the instructions in the tutorial found in the Help menu to create a Pascal Windows project. I compiled successfully the program (the tuorial says that the code inside it is the base for a Win32 program) I am told to compile. Then I use the "New unit in project" in  the Project menu to create the program which is supposed to output the message "Hello,world" to the screen. The simple program compiles successfully. However all I got is a blank new window when I run it.

The program is :


program test (output);


writeln('Hello, world');




I think I must have not installed many important required files or I did not set up the IDE or compiler correctly. I am a beginner in Pascal only and do not have the technical  knowledge in setting up an IDE or compiler.  Any site which has basic information on writing simple Pascal programs in the Microsoft Windows environment ?


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