[fpc-pascal]plugin frameworks.

Aitor SantamarĂ­a aitor.sm at wanadoo.es
Thu Jul 18 16:32:05 CEST 2002

>>Maybe the answer to this question comes from: "how does GDI32.DLL do
>>when it has to use KERNEL32.DLL functions? (from the SAME already loaded
>>kernel, not from a new instance)" Anyone knows about this?
>A dll is loaded only once per process.
ok, so if I understood: let's suppose P is a program that calls A.DLL 
and B.DLL. Suppose that A.DLL calls B.DLL too. B.DLL is loaded *once* 
and the *same* instance is seen for both P and A.DLL under Windows, right?
By the way, this is what I was told that does *not* happen with WDOSX 
(different instances of B.DLL are opened), unfortunately. Does anyone 
have experiences with WDOSX and Win32-FPC executables about this topic?


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