[fpc-pascal]Why Oop?

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Hi GJ,

You mainly need OOP if your writing a program that uses any kind of Windowed
environment. While it would be theoritically possible to write structural
code that would work in a Window type enviroment, it wouldn't run all that

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>      I've yet to figure out why Object-Oriented programming is so
> important.  If I want to, say, write a program that simulates the game of
> blackjack, I just need the data, some shuffle routines, some decision
> tables, etc.  All this stuff about making objects and ancestors just seems
> superfluous.  If I am to use the routines later well, isn't that what a
> library is for?
>      Obviously I'm missing something but I'm not clear what it is.  Aside
> from perhaps helping coordinate projects involving several individuals,
> what's the advantage?
> gj
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