[fpc-pascal]Will gtk2forpascal be added to newest version of Free Pascal?

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Sun Aug 25 23:21:02 CEST 2002

> mili (by way of mili ) wrote:
> > You know, there's a wonderful project at sourceforge.net named 
> > "gtk2forpascal".
> We are fully aware of it. If you look you will see that the main 
> developer of 'gtk2 for pascal' is also one of the main developers for 
> the Lazarus project.
> So in a word this is being developed with FreePascal and Lazarus in 
> mind.  :-)

I played a bit with it, and:

I can compile the libraries with the script, if I replace the


line in the script  with



#!/usr/bin/env bash

(which is the POSIX compliant way to call bash I'm told)


The scripts to build the demoes have the same problem, though the trick
with pkg-config seems to work. 

Moreover, except that the pkg-config also creates


as parameters, which FPC doesn't like.

And the dynamic linker option should only be used on Linux 
(uname -s=linux or so)

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