[fpc-pascal]Will gtk2forpascal be added to newest version of Free Pascal?

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Sun Aug 25 20:30:46 CEST 2002

On Sun, 25 Aug 2002 12:51:16 -0400
"Michael A. Hess" <mhess at miraclec.com> wrote:

> mili (by way of mili ) wrote:
> > You know, there's a wonderful project at sourceforge.net named 
> > "gtk2forpascal".
> We are fully aware of it. If you look you will see that the main 
> developer of 'gtk2 for pascal' is also one of the main developers for 
> the Lazarus project.
> So in a word this is being developed with FreePascal and Lazarus in 
> mind.  :-)

Although, it will also support Kylix - not my idea ;)

> > So I strongly recommend the newest version of freepascal to make it a part of 
> > new release. Or, more directly, absorb this project into freepascal project.
> I hopefully will be integrated in some fashion as it matures.

There are still about 100 ToDos left. Mostly internal types and seldom used macros, that can simply be skipped. I guess that is a good day work.
The main reason for the beta state is the ugly linking.
The glib2 bites the linux ld-config.so.2 and hence the gtk2 needs a special linking order. Because fpc/ppc386 always wants to add the ld-config.so.2 at the end of link.res it fails.
If someone can tell us how to tell fpc to change the position of ld-config.so.2 in a generic way, then I think it would be great to add it to fpc. And after that it won't take long for lazarus to provide a gtk2 interface.

Mattias Gaertner

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