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OK, thanks for information :)

Regards, Pavel Kanzelsberger

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On 25-Apr-02, Carl Eric Codere wrote:

C=         I am almost finished porting QNX to FPC.. and i wish to release
C=for version 1.0.6 ... i have a big problem though, i can't install the GNU
C=stuff, because i always get a CRC error in gzip, and because of that i
can't C=debug anything :(... Currently, the application aborts saying
'missing shared C=library' ... I'd like to test it with static linking if it
works better...

Try channel #qnx on irc.qnxstart.com
QNX employees, developers and users frequent there and can give quite good
info. Personally I have tried a few times to compile gnu pascal, which
should compile on any platform where gcc compiles(which includes QNX), but I
never succeeded.

QNX lacks any decent language besides the regular c(++).


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