Kanzelsberger Pavel kanzelsberger at rekt.umb.sk
Thu Apr 25 18:24:57 CEST 2002

Great news, keep up good work! Anyway if you need betatesting I can do a
huge test for you trying to compile Pixel32 :-)

Regards, Pavel Kanzelsberger

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> Hi,
> I just found some QNX libraries in RTL source. When do you plan to 
> release FPC for QNX? Can someone tell me if it's possible to test the 
> compiler
>this platform?

         I am almost finished porting QNX to FPC.. and i wish to release it
for version 1.0.6 ... i have a big problem though, i can't install the GNU
stuff, because i always get a CRC error in gzip, and because of that i can't
debug anything :(... Currently, the application aborts saying 'missing
shared library' ... I'd like to test it with static linking if it works

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