[fpc-pascal]Serial Port Programming under LINUX...

Maarten Bekers elevator at planet.nl
Thu Apr 25 20:01:41 CEST 2002

hello Rainer,

> Well, There are some units
> available for FPC, but most of them are for DOS or WIN32. The only one
> appears to be very useful, is OBJCOM.
> But this unit has an unacceptable BUG inside: It stops any further
> communication when the DCD is dropped by the modem when the connection
> breaks. It seems that this causes a total loss of the internal file
> Sadly to say, but it appears as if nobody is working on this ObjCOM any
> longer, including M.Kiesel who contributed ObjCom, so this appears to be a
> dead end...
May i suggest using EleCOM? I am not aware of any of such bugs in EleCOM
itself, unless i do not understand you correctly.

> If somebody has a unit which works with FOSSIL (DOS), WIN32 *AND* LINUX
> gives me an acceptable control to the data communication, I will be happy
> know about that, even if this is a commercial unit.
EleCOM does not do Linux.

groeten, Maarten.

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